Goodbye 35 Lbs!!!

Since the beginning of April I've been really trying to take control of my weight, or more precisely my over eating.  I wasn't eating healthy and I was eating too much of it.  So for the last 4 months I have been successfully losing weight - so far I've totaled 35 Lbs!(That is about what my daughter weighs...)

Unfortunately I don't have too many photos of myself (but of course hundreds of the kiddos) - so the most recent full body from before losing weight is from Lawson's birthday.
This last month has been the hardest!  At the end of June I hurt my knee from running so I had to stay off of it.  Right as my knee was starting to get better I busted my toe (that was about 3 weeks ago and I still can't wear my tennis shoes...).  

On top of that, Lawrence and I celebrated our birthdays so of course there was cake and cookies, and also my mom and one of Lawrence's friends came to visit so there was more eating out than usual.  

Still, from keeping an eye on how much and how often and what I ate, I've successfully lost about 6 more pounds in July!

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