Uhg! Not My Week

So this week has been overwhelming to say the least.  I'm physically and mentally exhausted.  In fact, right now my kids should be in bed, but I am so tired that sitting in their room til they fall asleep was too much for me. 

So we are watching Barney while they fall asleep watching TV - so lame, but I need a break.  

My week started with having to make a lot of phone calls to doctor's and dentist offices.  This week alone I went to 5 different appointments - 4 of them for me.  One of my fillings had decided to fall out during the very beginning of pregnancy and since I felt so terrible at that point I didn't call to have it taken care of til now.  Lucky me, I find out on Tuesday that it has to be extracted.  So I feel like a total failure for my tooth.  But they don't do extractions at that office, so I had to schedule another appointment with an oral surgeon.  But I still got to pay $50 so they could tell me that.

On Wednesday I was in the process of switching OBGYNs.  The first one was charging us way too much, and I found another doctor whose cost is better covered under our insurance.  So I got to go talk to my former OBGYN and then meet the next one, all with the kiddos in tow.  They actually did as well as anyone could hope they would do.  But still after 2 hours at a doctors appt., no kid is going to be very patient.

Thursday I met with my new oral surgeon, which actually took a little stress off of the whole situation of getting my tooth extracted.  He said that it looked like the tooth might have been doomed from the beginning (since my wisdom teeth were never taken out) because the same tooth on the other side was really cramped and if there was a filling on that side it would have fallen out too.  So that made me feel slightly better that maybe I wasn't a complete failure, but rather my genes had played a small part it me having to say goodbye to this tooth.  So I set an appt. for that - which is again stressful, because our dental "insurance" turns out to be nothing more than a discount card.  So although not the full amount - its not pocket change either.

Immediatly after leaving that appt. I had to take Lawson to go get his shots - poor guy got four!  His legs were so sore that night that he had trouble walking.  That was the first time I questioned giving my babies their immunizations.

Luckily, on Friday we had nothing to do.  We had a movie day so Lawson could get over the little fevers that follow getting shots.  But in all honestly, I felt like I was failing Finnley for not getting her out to go play.

Then comes today.  It has just been a really stressful week - so this topped it off to the point where I am just on the verge of a minor depression.  Our car brakes are bad again.  We had our car brakes fixed right after getting the car in September.  Then we had to get them re-done at the end of October.  NOW - not even a month later, the same problem is back!  I hate going back to the mechanic and telling them that something is wrong, and I'm not sure if they are going to re-fix it for free again.  

I'm stressed over money.  I'm stressed over not being able to use our car until it is fixed, and not knowing when that will be and if/how much we will have to be paying for it.  I can't get my tooth fixed until the car is fixed, but if we have to pay to get the car fixed then I'm not sure if we'll have enough to fix my tooth.  (Which can only be done in the next 5 weeks b/c it can't be done in my 3rd trimester.)

So I could really use a good night sleep.  But I can't even do that because I am constantly uncomfortable with 'Baby X'.   Happily, not as bad as with Lawson - but still my body just can't get comfortable.  

Sorry for such a negative rant, but I really needed to just write and vent.  Hopefully this next week is better. 

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