Is it a boy or girl?!!

So just because I decided not to find out what gender the baby is doesn't make me any less curious to know!  One reason is because in all honesty, I would slightly prefer a girl (and mostly because I don't want to let Finnley down - haha! - she has been calling it a girl for months!).  I've thought girl from the beginning, but now I am seriously starting to doubt my own prediction. 

OBVIOUSLY, I'll be happy with either - there are bennefits to both - and of course, not any downsides to either.  So I guess I'll stick with the "as long as it's healthy" response and wait in anticipation!    

But of course... to keep myself occupied, I have taken a few of the silly gender predicting quizes!  Here are the results... pretty split down the middle (a.k.a. not helpful!).

According to the Chinese Gender Birth chart:
It's a girl! (Chinese Age 28 at Lunar month 6)

According the the quiz at Parents.com:
It's a boy!
According to the quiz at JustMamas.com:
58 % chance of having a girl 
According to the quiz at BabyMed.com:
Congratulations. You scored 7 out of 9 on the Girl side. Your responses indicate that this could be a GIRL!!!

According to old wives tales:
I like sleeping on my right side, so it's a ... girl!
I had bad morning sickness, so it's a ... girl!
My hands are constantly dry, so it's a ... boy!
I'm not particularly craving citrus, so it's a ... boy!
I am having slightly worse complexsion, so it's a ... girl!
I am stumbling and not very graceful, so it's a ... boy!
My face is fuller (but that could be from the weight gain?) so it's a... girl!
I'm craving nothing but sweets, so it's a ... girl!
I don't have bad mood swings, so it's a ... boy!
I'm carrying low, so it's a ... boy!

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