Love Bargains!

The other day I randomly decided to walk into Payless.  

I started looking at the kid's shoes on sale (I try to stay a size or two ahead of their current size - that way I don't have to buy things full price, I buy them on sale at the end of season for the next year).

I found some little boy sandals for Lawson for $3, and thought "You can't beat that".  And then found some $7 tennis shoes for Finnley.

That is when the sales clerk came up to me and gave me a coupon:  "Get $5 off on two pair of shoes $10 or more OR $10 off 3 pair of shoes $15 or more"! 

I started looking through the shoes and I was stoked to find a pair of sandals for Finn for $5 ... making my grand total for all three pair of shoes... $5.41!!!

If that wasn't exciting enough, I decided to try my luck again today.  

I casually strolled in the store and the same clerk gave me the same coupon!  YES!!!  So, in the last week I got 6 new pairs of shoes for Finnley and Lawson for a grand total of: $12.93!!!

That is $2.15 per pair!!!  

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nina said...

You did a great job on your blog creation. Don't forget photos of yourself. LOL The picture taker always gets left out. Have fun with it!