Weekend of Swimming!

Ever since the kiddos discovered that their swim vests will make it so they won't sink they are (even more) addicted to swimming!

Which is great - it gets their energy out which makes bed and nap times much easier, it's free, and I don't think I've had this decent of a tan in over a decade!

It is especially  great on the weekends when Lawrence is home!

I had Finn try swimming without her floaties and she did great!  She still ask for them because Lawson has his, but I want her to get use to swimming with a little less buoyancy.

Finn and Lawson swimming to Daddy!

Lawson loved just floating in the pool and watching the other kids! 

Having fun playing with Daddy!


nina said...

Love the pictures!!! Remember to take your picture as well. LOL The picture taker never has photos of themselves. You did a great job on the creation of your blog, have fun with it!

Mama Mayfield said...

Ha! So true - I have thousands of pictures of the kids, hundreds of Lawrence... and a handful of me.

Thank you! So far I'm really enjoying it!