I should update...

I keep telling myself I should update my blog, and then by the end of the day I'm too exhausted to have coherent thoughts!

Finn has pretty much decided that she is old enough to skip naps, which has been hard for me to accept because I adore nap time.  I'm still making her sit or read on her bed for about 45 min, and then if she doesn't sleep I give up and accept that I won't be getting a nap or having my own quiet time.  But that does mean she is pretty much ready for bed at 8:30, which is nice.

However, Lawson isn't ready to start going to bed until about 9:30.  This means that I am sitting in their room waiting for sleep to come for a good hour and a half some nights.  And by that time I don't want to do anything except stare at my computer for about an hour and then maybe pull together some energy for dishes and/or laundry.  

So, I've pretty much been a slacker because of exhaustion.  But I'm going to try and do better, even if just to make myself type for ten minutes before bed for some quick reflection or something.


"Baby X" Due on April 1st, 2012

It's time to make an official announcement!  
We are expecting our 3rd (and last) baby this coming Spring!
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I've also decided to not find out if it is a boy or girl!  So it'll be a fun surprise come April!!!


Sanity Vrs. Lawson

I was completely un-prepared to have a son.

I actually thought Finnley was a fairly difficult baby - looking back I now know that we had it so easy!  

He bites, he hits, he throws, he head-butts, he pushes, he kicks...  and it's not like anyone showed him how to do this.  Finnley only starting hitting once Lawson showed her how.

I use to look at Moms who had kids who did this stuff (all of them boys) and judge them as moms who had no control over their kids/bad moms.  I'm not happy to admit that, but it's sadly true.

Lawson has showed me how very wrong I was.  The saying that boys are harder than girls when they are young, by my experience, is totally true.

My days are spent cleaning one mess and trying to keep an eye on him before he creates a new mess, or bites his sister, or breaks something...

Of course I love the little booger to the moon and back, but he drives me crazy on a daily basis.