My Reasons for Homeschooling

So after starting to question myself about wanting to home-school the kiddos for most of elementary, I was able to really see the importance of it to me.

The main reasons I hope to home-school our kidlets:
1) There are so many activities I would like them to be involved in.  I would like them to be in girl/boy scouts. I think it is important for them to be in martial arts - I think it is a great confidence builder.  
I want them to take music lessons - whatever instrument they chose, or multiple if they want, but music is very important, especially in developing math skills.  And I would also like them to be involved in an activity of their choice: dance, soccer, whatever they like.  But that is A LOT of time away from home especially after 7 hours in a classroom.  I think their time would be spent better doing these activities and having these experiences rather than spending 35 hours in a classroom.  Because... 
2) Out of the 7 hours a day in the classroom, maybe only 2 to 3 are the kiddos actually learning.  Why?  It is hard to transition 24 to 30+ students from one activity to the other.
3) Which leads to the next reason... 22 is the TX state requirement for kindergarten (even though the average kindergarten classroom has 24 students).  But lets just say 22.  1 teacher to teach 22, 5 year olds?   Each kid does not get one on one attention on a daily basis.  And unfortunately with that many kids you just have to try and get them all performing at grade level.  So the average ones and above average get skipped over.  
I have nothing but respect for teachers... especially teachers of Kindergarten! My career goals are still to become an elementary school teacher; but I also don't want my kiddos not reaching their full potential because they are performing on or above average, and therefore sit bored in a classroom for 5 hours a day waiting for the other kids to catch up.  And, if my kid is the one that is below average, then I can't think of anyone who would care more about catching them up and helping them learn than myself.   
I have actually had a huge amount of negative feed back about my thoughts to home-school. The most common reaction is that I will be hurting them socially.  However, from what I've read, found from parents of home-schooled kids, and kids who have been home-schooled as long as you put importance on getting your kids involved in activities, kids have no problem learning how to get along.  To say that the only way to socialize a kid is to throw them in a classroom with a large number of kids the same age seems silly.

I also don't plan on homeschooling for the long-run.  I've talked to another home-schooling mommy who says she just does it one year at a time.  That seems like a great way to approach it.  Although I would like to home-school through about 4th grade - really get the core subjects and basics down - homeschooling is not for ever kid - I may find that it is not working for our family once I start.  I'm going to keep and open mind and see where it leads us.

I could totally do this... !!!


Returning from a Long Break

I had to take a break from blogging.

One thing after another happened, and I found although I had a lot to say I just didn't have the time or energy to want to share it.

Most of August I was sick.  And then my mind and attention was brought elsewhere by my sister getting engaged, Finnley's 3rd birthday!, and my family coming to town, then the kiddos getting sick.

I also went through a bit of questioning myself on certain things, such as homeschooling.  I have been very excited about it - but then early August I started seeing a bunch of friend's kids going to kindergarten - and they were so stinkin' cute and excited!  I started thinking, "Am I denying Finn and Lala some special memories?"

But the good thing is that it lead me to do more research, questioning, etc. of homeschooling.  And ultimately (after about a month and a half of being on the fence) I went right back to my decision that homeschooling for most of elementary will most likely be what we do.  I'm sure I'll make a blog post just about that in the near future ... maybe tonight?  I have a few loads of laundry to do anyway...

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