A New Christmas Tradition!

I love traditions!  And I am always on the look-out for traditions others have done in their families that I want to incorporate into ours.  I came across this idea on A Girl and a Glue Gun and instantly fell in love with it!   

It is a Christmas book in which for every night of December (I am making it from Dec 1st to 25th) there is a Christmas story to read.  

I've already decided on the last two: Dec 24th is obviously the night before Christmas, and the 25th will be the nativity story.   I am going to be on a hunt for others (on the link above she is listing the stories she is using), but I already have a few in mind: The Gift of the Magi is a must.  And Finnley has requested Rudolf... haha.

I want this book to be from Lawrence and I to the kiddos so I am having him be the illustrator (not to mention he is a fabulous artist!). 

Getting the book together wasn't too bad - I just found a scrapbook that already had blank pages inside, bought some felt and trim... and busted out my glue gun!

Finnley watched me put the book together and when I was done she held it up and said it was a magical book - exactly the kind of response I wanted! 

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chantelseas said...

AWESOME!!!!!! i think i might have to start a new tradition as well. such a great idea!