Reason for Homeschooling

There are many reasons we are choosing to home-school our kiddos.  The main reason is that I just don't think the current public school system works very well.  For a long time I was going to school to become an elementary school teacher, and the more classes I took/teachers I met/ schools I visited, the more firm I became in the idea of homeschooling. 

This is a very entertaining and informative video about the current problems with how our public school system is set up:

The Weekly Peppermint Patty Hunt

When my husband goes to the store I ask him to bring me home a peppermint patty.  In fact, it is usually the only thing that is in bold and underlined on the entire grocery list.  And Lawrence is awesome about bringing me one... or two or three.  The problem with multiple is that I will eat them.  I have horrible self control.  Two is OK, great even!  Because sadly my kids already recognize that wrapper and will beg for me to share - which is totally fine especially if I have two.

When he brings home more than two I tell him to hide them.   This always back-fires on me because of course by the end of the night I know there are more in the house and start to look for them.  Tonight's hiding spot was in the DVD binder.  It took me about 30 minutes to find (I wish I was that devoted in other areas of my life)!   So, I need to get work on my self control... or get better at finding things.


The Start of My Bucket List

Colette’s Bucket List
*This list is still in the creation process*
1.       Own a house.
2.       Be debt free!!!
3.       Read the entire Bible.
4.       Take the family vacation to Disneyland and stay at the Disney Hotel!
5.       Start my small business.
6.       Bring the family camping.
7.       See a blue- whale! 
8.       Go to NY, NY and see a Broadway show!
9.       Go white water rafting!
10.   Go to the Grand Canyon.
11.   See Wicked performed on stage!
12.   See the Redwood forests.
13.   See the Northern Lights.
14.   Visit the coliseum in Greece.
15.   Go to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.
16.   Go to the La Brea Tar Pits.
17.   Visit the Lascaux Caves in southwestern France.
18.   Go to Disney World!
19.   Learn to sew.
20.   Build a dollhouse for Finnley.
21.   Finish my Bachelor degree.
22.   Fly first class.
23.   Be a stay-at-home Mommy and raise our kids.
24.   Home school our kids at least through 5th grade.
25.   Start and run a charity.
26.   Sell a piece of my own original artwork.
27.   Write and publish a book!
28.   Be an ‘extra’ in a movie or television show.
29.   Go to an Italian Opera in Italy.
30.   Go snowboarding.
31.   Learn to play the cello.
32.   Go to the Georgia Aquarium


Can't Officially be Called Summer Without Smores

Today I decided to give the kids smores for snack!  They've never had smores before, so it was pretty funny watching them pick at it at first and then decide that I might actually be giving them something pretty good. 

7Th Generation Diaper Review and Giveaway

I recently came across a blog that I have really started to enjoy: New Life on a Homestead   (You can also find the button to their page under Blogs I Love).  I have really liked this blog because it covers so many things I can relate to: Motherhood, Homeschooling, Frugal Living - and it has been one of my biggest inspirations for starting our own little family garden and living more simply.

She is currently doing a Giveaway for the 7th Diaper Generation Diapers HERE!  If you are a mommy who could use a few extra diapers (and who of us couldn't?!)  - please go visit, enter the giveaway (it ends on Monday, Aug. 1st - so do it quickly!) and check out her blog - it is one I visit almost daily!

 I have not personally tried this brand yet, but have always wanted to when at the store.  (When we do buy disposable we go for the cheapest - usually store brand.)  But these diapers are made without chlorine, fragrances, latex or petroleum based lotions!  One of the main reasons I switched to cloth in the first place was all the chemicals that were thrown into disposables.  

For any who choose to enter: good luck!  If nothing else, take a look around her blog - some great stuff there!  And wish us luck - Lord knows we could use all the diapers we can get!

Lawson Dancing to "Hot Dog!"

Lawson has his own dance style...


Less is More

The whole practice of living a simpler life has gradually come to me.  For quite a few years I was very much addicted to shopping for sales - yeah - I saved $200, but I spent $100 that I really didn't have to spend.  So I've been really trying to spend well UNDER our means lately.  

A few months ago I came across a Facebook status update from a friend.  She had posted that she found a very cute outfit for her new baby, and although the kiddo had enough clothes it was too cute not to buy.  A friend of hers commented that she should save her money for a rainy day, or spend the money on items to fill her pantry so they have back up food for the family in case money gets tight.

That started me thinking.  What if Lawrence loses his job?  Would I even have enough back up food items to last us a week?  Probably not.  And worse case scenario,  what if our countries economy doesn't end up getting better, but worse.  How would I make sure we could survive?

Then I came across the idea of a homestead.  At first I thought people were just trying to be creative and trendy as to what they called their house.  But the more I came across it I realized it was typically associated with having a little garden and being somewhat self sufficient.

I am genuinely impressed with homesteads.  I have always been more of a city girl, so the idea of being self reliant and not need a grocery store is completely foreign to me, and somewhat liberating.

The introduction of these two thoughts have definitely paved a new path to follow in terms of goals.  

I use to want a grand 2-story, brand new, 6 bedroom house.  Now, I would be overwhelmingly blessed with a modest 3-bedroom fixer-upper.  I would like there to be an adequate backyard, so that I can have a garden to grow fruit and veggies and even a few fruit trees!

Until then, I am going to try my luck at growing a few things on our patio.  If nothing else, the kids will have fun helping!

Uses For Shoe Boxes

After getting the deal on the shoes, I was now the proud owner of 6 shoe boxes.  I was trying to think what to use them for when I remembered I had made a mental note only a few days before that I needed to get containers for the kid's art supplies.  They were perfect!  I plan on doing more to them later to make them more artsy and fun.  (Maybe future art projects for the kiddos?)  But for now, I am happy with them!

Painting with Water

I almost feel like this activity is kind of a trick.   'Painting' with water.  But it actually turned out to be a cute little activity that the kids really liked! 

Pretty much anything having to do with water is guaranteed to be a big hit for both of them.  Lawson did what I was expecting:  he played and actually painted the water on the ground for about 5 min... and then he started splashing in it and pouring it all over the ground to stomp in!

Finnley REALLY liked it - it kept her busy for about 30 minutes!  She liked pretending the paint the door and the house the best!

Article: Why don't friends with kids have time?

I loved reading this, and wanted to share it with other Mommies and Daddies!
I realize the print is a little small, sorry if it is hard to read.


10 Things to Never Say to a SAHM

I have had two types of responses when I tell people I am a SAHM.  Some are overwhelmingly supportive and offer their praises.  And then the other... (I have had most of these said to me)

More Bananas Thank You!

This kid eats soooo many bananas!  When Lawrence came home from the grocery store Lawson did a 'happy dance' when I pulled them out of the bag!

Abiding Mom

I struggle with this a lot lately.
It has become a great daily reminder of what is truly important to me.

Blog Creating Itself

Slowly but surely the blog is beginning to create itself.

When I first started writing, I was using it only as a way to write about my day with the kids.  But I started to realize that by focusing only on that, I was leaving myself wanting to tell more - but it didn't necessarily fit into the category of our 'family's journal'.

I kind of started another blog, but only posted a few times.  I decided I didn't want to have 10 different blogs that covered 10 different parts of me - I wanted one blog that encompassed everything for and about me.

So, although still a very new blog, it is starting to take on a life of it's own.

I want to write about being a SAHM and my future plans of Homeschooling, I want to write about the books I've been reading that are inspiring me, and how I rediscovered my love of jogging.  So many things!  

I am very excited to see where it takes me.


Love Bargains!

The other day I randomly decided to walk into Payless.  

I started looking at the kid's shoes on sale (I try to stay a size or two ahead of their current size - that way I don't have to buy things full price, I buy them on sale at the end of season for the next year).

I found some little boy sandals for Lawson for $3, and thought "You can't beat that".  And then found some $7 tennis shoes for Finnley.

That is when the sales clerk came up to me and gave me a coupon:  "Get $5 off on two pair of shoes $10 or more OR $10 off 3 pair of shoes $15 or more"! 

I started looking through the shoes and I was stoked to find a pair of sandals for Finn for $5 ... making my grand total for all three pair of shoes... $5.41!!!

If that wasn't exciting enough, I decided to try my luck again today.  

I casually strolled in the store and the same clerk gave me the same coupon!  YES!!!  So, in the last week I got 6 new pairs of shoes for Finnley and Lawson for a grand total of: $12.93!!!

That is $2.15 per pair!!!  



In a rare twist of the norm - Finnley fell asleep easily and Lawson just refused to lay down!

I let him get up and run around in the living room for about twenty minutes until he started getting so fussy it was obvious he needed to sleep!

I made him a cup of chocolate milk (don't judge - I brush their teeth very well, and a cup while falling asleep on these rare occasions seems fine to me)and put him in his crib.

He seemed to be drifting off until... he ran out of milk.

Then he started crying and wanting "mo" (more).

Eventually that woke up Finn...

So I tucked them both back into bed and started telling Lawson stories to help him calm back down.

Sadly, I haven't told as many toddler-styled stories to Lawson as I had to Finn, but he loved it!

The stories typically go something like:

Once upon a time
there was a baby named, Lawson.
Lawson wanted to eat.
Lawson ate a banana.
The end.

They are very simple, but use key words he knows and therefore he understands and is captivated by the whole story.

I think I told him about twenty tonight - haha!

I loved watching his eyes as I told each story, it was almost like I could see him visualizing and understanding the story.

Anyway, eventually he started to close his eyes and I sat next to his crib while he fell asleep.


He Has Disovered Light Switches!

Lawson has discovered how to turn lights on and off...

And as a side note - it is very difficult to wash dishes in the dark.

Little Artist

We have a kid's picnic table that I always kept outside.  But since it has started getting hotter and we spend less time on the patio, I decided to put it in the kid's room.

Finn has made it into her art table!  She now does art every spare moment of her day.  We went through an entire package of construction paper with all her drawings and cuttings and 'stickering' in one day!

I even dedicated an art wall for her (and Lawson once he stops eating crayons) out of inspiration of all her creations!

Weekend of Swimming!

Ever since the kiddos discovered that their swim vests will make it so they won't sink they are (even more) addicted to swimming!

Which is great - it gets their energy out which makes bed and nap times much easier, it's free, and I don't think I've had this decent of a tan in over a decade!

It is especially  great on the weekends when Lawrence is home!

I had Finn try swimming without her floaties and she did great!  She still ask for them because Lawson has his, but I want her to get use to swimming with a little less buoyancy.

Finn and Lawson swimming to Daddy!

Lawson loved just floating in the pool and watching the other kids! 

Having fun playing with Daddy!


Daddy's Birthday!

Lawrence doesn't like frosting - so I made him birthday cookies!

Really concentrating on that wish!

Finn - so excited to eat the birthday cookie!!!

Unlike Daddy, Lawson LOVES frosting!!!

Water Baby!

Lawson is fearless in the water!

I put him in his water wings and swim vest and he was mister independent today in the water!  He would throw a fit if I tried to hold his hand!

He looked like he was wearing fake muscles with how much floating gear I had on him - but he loved it!


Jesus is Proud

After going poop on the potty:

Finnley: "Jesus will be so proud of me!"

Cool Tricks!

Finnley re-enacting "Cool Tricks" from Yo Gabba Gabba!

She is doing Karate!


Highlights from Bama's Visit!

Sorry for the lack of post this last week.  My Mom visited us for the 4th of July weekend!

While she was here we had a 4th of July BBQ at my sister's house!

Finnley and Lawson in their red, white, and blue!
Having Ice Cream with Bama at Amy's Ice Cream!
My Mom bought me cupcakes from Hey Cupcake to celebrate my birthday!

Lawson having some of Mommy's 'Hey Cupcake'
Finnley eating one of my birthday cupcakes!

I also got to leave the 2 miles radius of my house and go visit Fredericksburg - it was nice seeing more of the Austin area - and made me like it here ever more!

Lawson playing on Bama's lap!

Finn, Aunt Krissy, Me, Lawson, and Bama