In a rare twist of the norm - Finnley fell asleep easily and Lawson just refused to lay down!

I let him get up and run around in the living room for about twenty minutes until he started getting so fussy it was obvious he needed to sleep!

I made him a cup of chocolate milk (don't judge - I brush their teeth very well, and a cup while falling asleep on these rare occasions seems fine to me)and put him in his crib.

He seemed to be drifting off until... he ran out of milk.

Then he started crying and wanting "mo" (more).

Eventually that woke up Finn...

So I tucked them both back into bed and started telling Lawson stories to help him calm back down.

Sadly, I haven't told as many toddler-styled stories to Lawson as I had to Finn, but he loved it!

The stories typically go something like:

Once upon a time
there was a baby named, Lawson.
Lawson wanted to eat.
Lawson ate a banana.
The end.

They are very simple, but use key words he knows and therefore he understands and is captivated by the whole story.

I think I told him about twenty tonight - haha!

I loved watching his eyes as I told each story, it was almost like I could see him visualizing and understanding the story.

Anyway, eventually he started to close his eyes and I sat next to his crib while he fell asleep.

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