Less is More

The whole practice of living a simpler life has gradually come to me.  For quite a few years I was very much addicted to shopping for sales - yeah - I saved $200, but I spent $100 that I really didn't have to spend.  So I've been really trying to spend well UNDER our means lately.  

A few months ago I came across a Facebook status update from a friend.  She had posted that she found a very cute outfit for her new baby, and although the kiddo had enough clothes it was too cute not to buy.  A friend of hers commented that she should save her money for a rainy day, or spend the money on items to fill her pantry so they have back up food for the family in case money gets tight.

That started me thinking.  What if Lawrence loses his job?  Would I even have enough back up food items to last us a week?  Probably not.  And worse case scenario,  what if our countries economy doesn't end up getting better, but worse.  How would I make sure we could survive?

Then I came across the idea of a homestead.  At first I thought people were just trying to be creative and trendy as to what they called their house.  But the more I came across it I realized it was typically associated with having a little garden and being somewhat self sufficient.

I am genuinely impressed with homesteads.  I have always been more of a city girl, so the idea of being self reliant and not need a grocery store is completely foreign to me, and somewhat liberating.

The introduction of these two thoughts have definitely paved a new path to follow in terms of goals.  

I use to want a grand 2-story, brand new, 6 bedroom house.  Now, I would be overwhelmingly blessed with a modest 3-bedroom fixer-upper.  I would like there to be an adequate backyard, so that I can have a garden to grow fruit and veggies and even a few fruit trees!

Until then, I am going to try my luck at growing a few things on our patio.  If nothing else, the kids will have fun helping!

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