The Weekly Peppermint Patty Hunt

When my husband goes to the store I ask him to bring me home a peppermint patty.  In fact, it is usually the only thing that is in bold and underlined on the entire grocery list.  And Lawrence is awesome about bringing me one... or two or three.  The problem with multiple is that I will eat them.  I have horrible self control.  Two is OK, great even!  Because sadly my kids already recognize that wrapper and will beg for me to share - which is totally fine especially if I have two.

When he brings home more than two I tell him to hide them.   This always back-fires on me because of course by the end of the night I know there are more in the house and start to look for them.  Tonight's hiding spot was in the DVD binder.  It took me about 30 minutes to find (I wish I was that devoted in other areas of my life)!   So, I need to get work on my self control... or get better at finding things.

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