Sanity Vrs. Lawson

I was completely un-prepared to have a son.

I actually thought Finnley was a fairly difficult baby - looking back I now know that we had it so easy!  

He bites, he hits, he throws, he head-butts, he pushes, he kicks...  and it's not like anyone showed him how to do this.  Finnley only starting hitting once Lawson showed her how.

I use to look at Moms who had kids who did this stuff (all of them boys) and judge them as moms who had no control over their kids/bad moms.  I'm not happy to admit that, but it's sadly true.

Lawson has showed me how very wrong I was.  The saying that boys are harder than girls when they are young, by my experience, is totally true.

My days are spent cleaning one mess and trying to keep an eye on him before he creates a new mess, or bites his sister, or breaks something...

Of course I love the little booger to the moon and back, but he drives me crazy on a daily basis. 



Holy COW, do I know what you mean lol! I always said I didn't want that bratty, bad kid you see being horrible to his Mom while shopping. I always thought, I will teach my child better than that! LOL! It is just their nature! They are so active, destructive, messy, and mine being a cancer is EXTREMELY hard headed(so you can understand my thoughts on temper tantrums lol). I guess as Moms we need to just know in our hearts we are doing the best we possibly can! I hope you KNOW YOU'RE A FABULOUS MOM!!! Love ya :)!

Mama Mayfield said...

Haha, so glad I'm not alone! It is just so funny how different him and Finn are! It's a good thing they're cute ;0)