80's Toys Were Better

My mom saved some of my sister's and my toys from when we were kids.
I have to admit, for a while I thought it was kind of silly to drag toys that we hadn't played with on all of our moves to different states and cities for almost two decades.

But then right before we moved she brought the toys out to give to Finnley.

Finn LOVES them. 

A lot of them you can still buy newer versions of - like Fisher Price play food, My Little Ponies, and Little People.

But all except for the Little People - I like the older versions better.

And apparently I'm not the only one. 

I went on Ebay to look for some of the old Fisher Price food - some of the things that Lawson runs around the house with in his mouth are going for easily $15 in used condition.

So I am now very thankful to my mom for dragging these toys around and saving them for our kids.  For one, like I said : better quality.  But also, it is fun to see your kid playing with something you loved when you were a kid.

Finn playing with my My Little Ponies!

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