Doughnuts and Armadillo

We have created a few fun rituals since moving here.

For example, on days where we go to the bank we get a lolly pop from the teller and then we usually go play at the splash pad.

On days where we do laundry, we go play at the park.

For me and my sister, when we go grocery shopping we get a cupcake.

But one of my favorites is after dropping Daddy off at work - some days we will go play at the Armadillo play yard (just an outside semi-confined area with an armadillo play structure) and get a doughnut from Starbucks (conveniently located right next to it).

Lawson running around eating a doughnut!
Unfortunately, we had to leave early on this particular visit because of a certain almost-three-year-old's temper tantrum.  But you win some / you loose some, and at least we got to eat our doughnuts.

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