Happy International Mud Day!

There apparently is now a day to celebrate mud ... who knew?!  But it is a great excuse to get a little messy.

Since we live in the second story of an apartment playing with real mud wasn't going to be the best option.  So I found a recipe for "Clean Mud" or "Soap Mud".

The recipe is easy: 1 role toilet paper, 1/8 cup of hand soap, and enough water to make it mud-like.

First step is to rip up the t-paper into teeny-tiny pieces.  

Finnley got bored of this step very fast... I would suggest doing this before hand and having some extra strips for them to do so that they feel like they helped.

Next step is to add the soap and water.  That was a good step for Finn - she liked making 'mud'.

All done putting all the ingredients in!

Now time to mush them together!

Ready to play!!!

Lawson didn't care to help us make the mud, but he liked to play with it!

Finn and I decided adding glitter would be fun!

Overall it was a fun sensory activity that was really easy to make - not too bad for clean up - and we even got to celebrate International Mud Day!

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