Playing at the Splash Pad

The Domain splash pad is within walking distance of our home, and is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.

It's a nice walk, free, we've met a few fun friends while there, and it wears them out!

Lawson saying, "Wow"

After playing in the water for a little over an hour we had a snack - "Daddy Crackers" (Cheese Its - Lawrence use to request that from the store on all of my grocery trips so they are now referred to as Daddy Crackers)
While eating our crackers, Lawson "accidentally" dropped one ('uh-oh');
a bird came and ate it - which completely entertained and amazed the kiddos.

So it turned into a game of feeding the birds.

After snack, I was reminded that the frozen yogurt shop was conveniently placed next to the splash pad.  So we got some desert, and got a cup of Lawrence's favorite to drop off at his work.

Finny and Lawson enjoying their ice cream.

We dropped off Lawrence yogurt, and right next door (at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School) they were melting their ice sculptures.
Finn was fascinated with them.
Finn stacking ice.

She had fun feeling how cold it was, throwing small pieces and watching them shatter, and even stacking ice on top of other pieces.

By the time we got home, the kids were fast asleep.

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