Finn's New Dance Class

I finally "made" Finn's dance bag last night!  All I did was iron on some sparkle letters and a little dancer decal ... BUT she loves it and that is all that matters!  

She has her first dance class with her new dance school this Saturday morning!  I'm really excited for her because she loves it so much!  (We went to go pay tuition today and she cried because she couldn't dance even though the only class going on was for adults.)

We were taking her to the YMCA, but there were 15 kids (sometimes more) and one teacher for a 45 min class (and 15 min of it was "free dance" where she just played music and let them run around the room).  Her new dance school is much better.  They have a full hour, in which they do ballet, tap, and gymnastics.  They actually work on little routines, and proper names and dance positions.  They dance for the whole hour and cap off the classes at 8 kids.  For only $15 more a month, it was a welcomed change.

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