Pregnancy Weight Gain...

So, this is my third time around being pregnant.  With Finn I gained 50 lbs... and with Lawson - another 50 lbs.  Only recently did I start losing the weight.  I swore that I wouldn't gain another 50 lbs this pregnancy ... heck, I didn't even want to go above 20.  

Well, apparently I suck at keeping goals - I'm almost 19 weeks and have already gained that 20 lbs.  


And it is 100% due to poor diet.  My cravings went through the roof for junk and more junk.  And I LOVE making excuses, and what better one to use than, "but I'm pregnant...".  So for the next 20 weeks I am going to really try and buckle down and not eat everything that is covered in sugar or baked in fat.  
Obviously a little leeway will be needed since it is the Holidays... but what better time to be pregnant right?!?  haha, but seriously, no more than 15 more lbs in the next 21 weeks.  I can do this.  I can go without the bag of Oreos in one day .... (so sad to admit that).

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