Preparing a Shoebox!

Our church is doing Operation Christmas Child - what you do is fill a shoebox with little toys and/or gifts and they hand out the gifts to kids on Christmas.  There are different age categories, and since I have a three year old girl, I decided to shoot for that range so I could have a decent idea of what to give.  

So far I've been able to fill the box pretty completely with little extras I've had around the house (I buy things on clearance to use later - for things like this, or back up for our family, or donating etc.)

 So far I've been able to fit in a Playdoh set, a Polly Pocket doll, a stuffed horse doll, pencils, a mini-kite, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some soap, stickers, and a Littlest Petshop mouse figurine.  I still have a bit more room and I'd like to add a few more everyday useful things.  I'm thinking some socks, or hair-ties... any suggestions?

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