Thankful Thursday #3!

Today I am very thankful for learning how to coupon!  I can thank my friend, Jamie, for getting me into it.  If anyone is interested - this site: Share The 31 Secret, is the one that taught me what I know.   But I was able to buy all of our necessities for the week and our Thanksgiving: Turkey, Gravy, Pie Pumpkin, Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes for under $90!

Second, I'm also very thankful for Lawrence's job.  He has been getting a lot of overtime lately which has been very helpful.  But even better - when he works overtime he gets dinner for free so that also helps us save money!

I'm thankful that we moved to Austin!  We've been very blessed with a good church, Lawrence's job, a fun playgroup for the kiddos and myself... everything has worked out very well for us here so far!

 I'm thankful for being able to feel "Baby X" kick!  At 19 weeks these are the cute little innocent kicks that make you excited... not the ones at 29 weeks that actually hurt.

I'm thankful for bad moods passing quickly!  haha, I was in a bad mommy funk earlier this week, and I'm glad I got out of it quickly - never fun being a grouchy mommy.


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