Thankful Thursday #4

I am thankful for:

1) My kiddos!  Such sweet, fun, happy kids!  I love them so much  - they light up my days, make me smile, and make me realize how truley blessed we are!

2) My husband!  I know I've listed him before, but he truly is a blessing in my life.  He makes me laugh and not take things so seriously.  He is a great friend, husband, and a great Daddy to our babies.

3) Modern appliances.   How grateful I am to not have to wash every dish and cloth diaper by hand!

4) Coffee.  I shouldn't drink as much as I do - but it makes my days better!

5) Baby Name books - I can't come up with a name for "Baby X" if it is a girl.  And I finally caved and bought a naming book which I look through while I put the kiddos down for bed.

6) Our car brakes being fixed.  How stressful it is to not have a car in working condition!

7) My sister living in the same city.  It is always nice to spend time with her - and being able to have her close enough to see the kids fairly often is great!

I would really like to list more - but I have to start prepping our food for Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day!

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