Favorite Christmas Present Purchase

I set a budget of $100 per kid for Christmas.  I don't really know if that is considered a lot or not that much.  But it seemed fair - with that we can get them the things we really want them to have and a few extras without going overboard.

I have added a few things that were not on my original planned purchases due to black Friday deals or random store sales.  (While still managing to stay under budget!)

My favorite is this:

It is a Barbie Big Box of Furniture set - usually $50... I got it for $20.  Which fit so nicely into the budget of gifts for Finn!  

How did I get it $30 off?  It was on sale at Target for $30, and there was also a $5 coupon off of it in Target's add.  THEN, I got a $5 off a $50 Target purchase (I also bought a $20 gift card for future Target purchases (groceries) so I could use that coupon) and presto, $20 gift!

I'm sure I will probably be more excited about this than Finn at this point ... I plan on making Finnley a Barbie doll house out of a bookshelf, and this actually ended up being cheaper than making the furniture!  Not to mention a Barbie also comes with it... and has anyone else noticed that Barbies aren't $5 anymore?  Cheapest good one I can find is usually $13... so a good deal for all of this for $20!

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