Lawson's 2nd Birthday!

Our boy is 2!!!  

Weirdly I've kinda thought of Lawson as a two year old for a while.  Not because he is super advanced or anything, but because he has always been BIG! This past year he has just evened out - he is actually wearing the same clothes he was fitting into a year ago.

In the past we have rented out a whole play-room for their parties, but that was mostly because in San Diego we had a lot of close friends and family.  And although I miss the big celebration with everyone, it was kind of nice having a laid back birthday for both Finnley and Lawson this year.

Lawson had three days of birthday festivities!  The first was on the Friday before his birthday - we planned a little birthday party for him through our play-group.  At first it was going to be at a park, but we had to change it last minute because of the weather.  So we went to a fun jump house instead!

 The following day we had our family birthday time.  Finnley and I woke up extra early to go get Lawson balloons and doughnuts!

We spent time relaxing at home together, and then after lunch we had cake and had him open presents!

 Poor Finnley wanted to open Lawson's birthday presents so bad!  Luckily, my Papa (their great Papa) sent an un-birthday gift for her!

 The next day we spent time with their Aunt Krissy, Uncle BJ, and Bama at the swim school Aunt Krissy works at!  It was a lot of fun... even though Lawson ended up destroying my camera by throwing it in the pool.  Luckily the memory card was saved!  

 I think he had a pretty good lil' birthday celebration!  And I found that it isn't all bad to have a birthday so close to Christmas - for me, it was really nice to focus on his birthday instead of Christmas for a few days!

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