The Mystery Park

Finnley has been begging me to take her to the park "with ropes... that is red" ... and I have no clue what park she is talking about.  

There are so many parks around here, which is great - but if I'm remembering right... they are all red.  And I can't remember any specifically that have ropes.  So I'm assuming it's one of the parks we have been to only once or twice.  
I made my best guess at which one she meant ... and apparently that was NOT the park she had been describing.  

She started crying and throwing a fit - saying she didn't want to play at the park I had just spent the last 40 minutes walking to (and for the record it was red and had a rock climbing wall with a rope).  

Luckily, after I parked the stroller she was fine -but the moment it was time to go she was begging again to go to the mystery park.  

So I have one last guess at the park she is talking about.  Unfortuantly the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy. 

I'm hoping Finnley just forgets about it overnight because, to her, rain is not an excuse to not go play at a park.

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Melanie said...

Liam does the same thing. I tried telling him he can't get mad if I don't understand but he has the memory of an elephant. Every day he apologizes for breaking a lamp he broke 2 years ago. Kids are so funny