18 Months - He's EVERYWHERE!

So I've heard it said that "Girls are easier when they are little and harder as teenagers, and boys are harder when they are little and easier as teenagers."  Either way - we have it hard for both periods of time since we have one of each :0)

Lawson has been getting into EVERYTHING.  He bites, he screams/squeals ... (I don't know what you call it, but it hurts your ears), he throws tantrums... he is a handful!

Here he is actually playing with his toys (not picking food off the ground to eat, putting objects in the toilet, throwing clean laundry all over the room... )  But instead of pushing it around he decided to push it over and try to climb inside. 

Although I try and be a step or two ahead of him, he always seems to surprise me with new ways of destruction, new surges of energy, new abilities of climbing... what an adventure it is to be his mommy!

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Melanie said...

I call that noise retching. My son does it too. I know what you mean