Rapunzel Impersonator

The only Disney movie Finn and Lawson have really sat through at this point is Tangled.

And Finnley has been having a lot of fun reenacting some of the scenes.  She likes to take one of her play crowns and put it on her wrist (look at me and have me shake my head 'no' like Pascal), look through it (again shake 'no'), and on her head... etc. 

Another one only happens when she is in trouble.  A typical scenario would be Finnley playing to rough with Lawson ... Me telling her 'no' ... Her then telling me 'no' ...  Me warning her she will need to sit down on time-out ... and her great come back:  

"You are never leaving this tower... EVER"

HAHA!  How are you supposed to keep a straight face with that?!? 

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Melanie said...

Lily stole one of my scarves wrapped it around her head so it had "long hair" and told Liam he had to rescue her from the tower. Kids are so cute.