Starting to Feel a lot like Summer!

So although it is hot... it is still not unbearably hot.

I've noticed that the days here are much cooler in the morning - but you want to get inside (or to the pool) by about 10:30/11am.  And it doesn't cool down, like it did in San Diego, in the evening.  The heat and humidity linger.

I've gotten into the routine of taking the kids out to get their outdoor play time in during the "cooler" hours.

I'm very much hoping everything works out and we get a car in the next month or two - I'm pretty sure we are all going to get cabin fever trying to excape the heat in our apartment!

Also, today my sister and BJ bought over their cute little puppy, Moose.  We hadn't seen him for about three weeks and he has already grown a lot!

Finnley had fun trying to get Moose to chase her, and Moose loved licking Lala's sticky banana hands!

This was our first visit with little Moose - I didn't think to take out the camera today and really wish I had!  But there is no way Krissy could have held him like that anymore! ha! 

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