Aww... that's kinda cute... wait! Eww! Nooooo!

Lawson has started doing the one thing that drives me nuts - taking his diaper off.  The kid loves to be naked!  Sure it is kinda cute seeing him run around the house happy as can be with his little bare bum. 

But then I see the diaper...  

That is when I go into a mental panic.  You would think after two kids the idea of poop wouldn't completely gross me out (confined poop I can totally deal with, its when it is anywhere else: shoes, hands, bathtubs, etc...) - my brain turns to jello and I can't think because I am so overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning it up.  

Luckily, besides a few minor episodes I haven't experienced any true horror stories (*knock on wood*) ... this kid will be wearing onsies until he is potty trained if he keeps it up!

He is going to love me for posting this one day...

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nina said...

Gotta love those moments!