Blues Clues!!!

Last night I decided I wanted to have Finnley wake up to a fun game we could play.  She has been watching a little bit of Blues Clues so I figured having her guess what we were going to do today would be fun!

I put two clues up.  Not in the traditional way of putting them all together - I put one on the cereal to have her guess that we were going to eat breakfast, and then another on the play-shoes which she guessed right away meant we were going to play at the park!

But the very first thing she noticed was the "Handy Dandy Notebook".  She looked on the table after first waking up and said, "Mommy!  It's the thinking chair!"  I was so happy that she was already showing signs that she was excited to play the game with me!!!  I think I will keep this game going for a while.  So cute and fun!

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