Happy Anniversary!

Today Lawrence and I celebrated two years of marriage!

We're definitely a little strapped for cash (Holidays coming, Lawson's 2nd birthday, student loans, and one income will do that...)  But I wanted to do something a little special for today.

I looked online and found out that the 2nd year anniversary gift is Cotton and China.  So I imagine if you are rich you buy your significant other a nice robe or high thread count bed sheets?  And/or a really nice new set of china dishes?  

That was far from within our budget.  So I decided that I wanted to spend a grand total of $0.  But I wanted to do something together.  This is what I came up with:

 It's a board game made almost entirely out of frabric/cotton.  Of course I had to improvise a bit since I didn't want to spend money and only use what I already had laying about.

The point of the game: to get the other person naked first. You started out with five articles of clothing: undies, hat, shirt, pants, and shoes.  If you rolled a two you got to roll again, if you landed on a picture of us you picked up another clothing card, if you had more than one piece of the same clothing (ex: two hats) you could sacrifice one and make the other player also sacrifice a piece of clothing.

We played one game, and Lawrence kicked my butt.  But it was fun and totally served the purpose of giving us a laugh and something to do together in celebration of another year together!

So that covered the 'cotton' part of the anniversary gift.  But I also needed something for 'China'.  So I decided to get two fortune cookies - it covered the other part of the traditional anniversary gift and also desert!

I also had one left over iron transfer that I decided to have fun with.  I am a big fan of being festive for an occasion - so I made an anniversary shirt!

So overall, it was a fun anniversary!  

We did end up buying Church's chicken for dinner so it wasn't a completely $0 evening - but that was a good bonus since it means less clean up! 

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